The three mistakes parents make when feeding their kids a LCHF Diet

It is easy as a parent to fall into the convenience trap when it comes to feeding our children. Let’s be honest, eating a LCHF diet does take a little bit of planning.

With our busy lifestyles sometimes things pop up and we are left stranded when it comes to not having a meal planned or prepared. It is often too easy to revert processed convenience food or fast food as a quick alternative to a healthy LCHF diet.

Today I ask Prof Tim Noakes what are the most common mistakes he sees parents making when introducing their children and their entire family onto the LCHF or Banting diet?

Prof Tim Noakes:  That’s a good question because I really don’t know specifically what LCHF diet mistakes are being made by parents with their children. What I mean is I obviously I focus more on adults because those are the patients, those are the people I deal with.

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Comrades Marathon: Training for a Bronze medal with a 25 min 5km

Today’s question on the Ask Coach Parry podcast was submitted by from Bernard Van Den Dool. Bernard’s said that due to over-use type injuries, his first two attempts at the Comrades Marathon had failed.

Post the Comrades Marathon this year, he adopted your post Comrades Marathon training programme in Tom Cottrell’s race date booklet.

The program has been a bit less than he normally did. A better build-up to what he has been trying to do over the last two years.

Needless to say, he is quite excited with his progress. His recent 5 kilometre time trial with hills is 25:30. The question is where to from this programme after December as the programme is more than the Comrades Marathon Bronze medal programme but less than the Comrades Marathon Bill Rowan programme?

His aim is to finish with a bronze and avoid to any over-use injuries in the build-up to the 2015 Comrades Marathon.

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Trusting your Comrades Marathon coach and their pacing charts

In this episode of Ask Coach Parry we touch on a topic that was mentioned in our first Comrades Marathon webinar for the 2015 Comrades Marathon (The can register for the next one here). It is quite interesting and it deals with Comrades Marathon training and Comrades Marathon coaches.

Obviously in the build up to the Comrades Marathon, you want to find a coach training philosophies you can work with and fit to your style of running and what you’re looking to get out of the Comrades Marathon. But then you need to stick that coach’s advice, and that includes using that coach’s Comrades Marathon pacing charts on race day.

We used a football example in the webinar.  It’s like Sir Alex Ferguson coaching Manchester United all season, but then on match day they listen to Joe Soap for the match tactics.  It’s not going work and they’re not going win.  It is pretty much the same with the Comrades Marathon.

There’s lots of Comrades Marathon pacing charts around and online.  There are lots of Comrades Marathon training programmes around and online.  What advice could you give to someone in the build up to the Comrades Marathon, training a specific way and then using a different pacing chart on, on race day?

LINDSEY PARRY:  Look, obviously it’s same as when it comes to actual coaching methodologies. Different coaches are going to differ in their opinion on how to run on Comrades Marathon race day.

But I do find that a little crazy, when somebody invests so much time and energy in a particular person or coach, often invests money in that coach, and then decides to use their own pacing strategy or someone else’s pacing strategy because they don’t buy into what the coach is saying.

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Teaching multiple truths: Is there only one correct food pyramid?

David Rowe sent us an email this week. His entire family buy into the benefits of the LCHF Diet. He is however sitting with a very difficult situation.

His daughter, who is still in school, is being taught one thing at home about the LCHF diet but is being taught about the conventional food pyramid at school, but doesn’t believe any of it. She will obviously need to write exams on it and unless she tows the line she will not pass the exam.

What do you suggest David and his daughter do in this situation?

Professor Tim Noakes: To answer David’s quesiton, you know, I am occasionally invited to lecture the medical students, and at the end of the lecture the students come up and say to me, Prof, if we say what you say we’re going fail our exams.  That is a failure of education.  Because that suggests that there is only one answer.

The reality is, in education you have to tell people the whole truth.  And if there are two models, or two explanations, you have to give both.  And you say listen, this is the story.  For example, the whole story about fat.

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Banting and Conventional thinking: What’s changed with the LCHF Diet?

On today’s Ask Prof Noakes Podcast we take a look at the ‘traditional’ thinking on nutrition that is being taught in schools currently as opposed to the one that describes the LCHF or Banting diet. We received an email from a concerned parent.

They are having a problem trying to explain the benefits of the Banting diet to their child.  She says their son has a teacher at school who is dead against the Banting way of life.  This child’s also had years of people telling him at school that, that he shouldn’t be eating fat because fat is bad for you.

Now the parents are giving him fat.  He’s a bit confused and this parent is trying to make things a bit easier to understand for the child who is 13 years old.  What’s the best way to explain the Banting of LCHF diet to kids?

Professor Tim Noakes: That’s a difficult one.  I think that, that the way I explain it, is knowledge changes.  When I give my talks and what I’ve written in Real Meal Revolution and elsewhere, is that we changed our diet in 1977. It changed on the basis of commercial reasons because big business wanted to promote grain sales in the United States of America.

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Banting and supplements: Do kids need vitamins if eating a LCHF diet?

We’ve been chatting quite a bit about children on the Banting diet over the last few days and today’s question is once again related to feeding your kids a LCHF diet.

If you are following the Banting diet will your child become deficient in any nutrients that they need to develop? On the LCHF diet would you suggest any form of vitamin supplementation for your children?

Prof Tim Noakes: Okay, so let’s say you thought Tim Noakes’ Banting diet was all meat, and you just ate meat, that wouldn’t be a good idea because that wouldn’t be a nutrient dense diet.

We want our diet to be full of nutrients.  The three foods that are full of the most nutrients are simply eggs, sardines and liver.  If you’re getting those three foods on a regular basis in your diet, you will not be nutrient deficient, because they are packed with nutrients.

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Lowering carbohydrates and increasing fat to improve your running

In this episode of Ask Coach Parry we chat about how the body uses fat for energy as opposed to carbohydrates. Patrick Kongsilp. submitted his question, and it says:

“Hi Coach.  So I’ve come to the realisation that I’ve been too dependent on carbohydrates for the past few years to fuel my training runs.  My weight remains steady at 72.5 kg’s, yet high for my height.  Despite the fact that my weekly mileage has increased since August, from 56 km per week to 80 km per week.”

He suspects that during the majority of his training runs his body was consuming carbohydrates and not properly trained to utilise fat.  Hence, he was basically wasting energy carrying dead weight fat, which was slowing him down.

His marathon PB was a 3:08”10 back in 2004, so ten years ago, where he weighed 64kg.  It was about 8 kg lighter than he is now.  The best he’s been able to do since then was a 3:19 back in 2012.

He’s got a Comrades Marathon PB of 8:52 in 2012 as well.  Looking back, he thinks he was eating a lot less carbohydrate, and his body was trained to utilise fat.

Recently he’s cut down on his carbohydrate intake to normal levels, and stopped using energy gels during his training runs, although his weight is slowly decreasing.  He’s now down to 70.8.  He’s been able to do long runs at a much slower pace.

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Ensure you’re following the right Comrades Marathon training programme

On this episode of the Ask Coach Parry we chat about choosing the right Comrades Marathon training programme for you. Today’s question was submitted by Barbara Florence. She attended one of the Comrades Marathon webinars that I did this week and she really enjoyed it.

Barbara is sitting with a bit of a, a dilemma at the moment.  It’s a great question and I’m sure you can help, and I’m sure there are lots of people sitting with the same problem.

She says she’s undecided as to which Comrades Marathon training programme she should target, and she was hoping that you could help.  She ran her first Comrades Marathon this year.  She finished in 11:28, but has been plagued with injuries related to her hips and pelvis.

She’s taken a good few years to get to this point and she also knows that the Comrades Marathon up run is going to be slower, but she really wants to improve her time.

Her best marathon time is about 4 and a half hours. She ran her first Two Oceans ultra last year and she ran a 6:02. She’s got a half-marathon PB of 1:52.

What Comrades Marathon training  programme should she be on, and what should she be targeting as a Comrades finish time?

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Children on the LCHF Diet: Is it safe for kids to be Banting?

People are always very hesitant to change their way of thinking and there’s obviously a lot of concern around the LCHF diet lifestyle because people are really stuck in the old mind set of eating.

Julia got in touch with us and she wanted to know if there are any precautions parents should take or things they should be aware of when introducing their kids to the Banting Diet?

How  does changing to the Banting diet affect kids, and is Banting safe for her kids?

Prof Tim Noakes:  That’s a great question, as you know I was reported to the Health Professions Council of South Africa for suggesting that you should wean your children onto the Banting diet.

By that I mean the green list in the Real Meal Revolution. I would encourage anyone to look at the green list and tell me what’s wrong with that food.  It’s really good food for anyone of any age. So I don’t know where this criticism is coming from.

Is Banting safe for kids?

Fortunately, there’s a paper out this week, showing that children who are weaned onto meat, specifically they said meat and not other proteins coming in from cereals, for example.

They grew more, they were taller and they were less fat at the end of the study, which was a year or two. I found it very interesting, because we know that when cereals and grains were introduced into the food supply 12 000 years ago, humans got smaller, and we’ve only caught up now, can you believe it?

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Children’s Lunch Boxes on the LCHF diet: What should kids eat?

Today on the Ask Prof Noakes Podcast we chat about the LCHF Diet and what you should be putting in your kid’s lunch boxes. We answer Janet’s question today about whether or not you should include more carbohydrate in children’s lunch boxes (as opposed to what we would eat ourselves)?

Janet’s question read as follows: ‘I have a pre-teen son and he just doesn’t seem to stop eating and I’m wondering if you can advise in this regard. His weight is perfect, and he is quite a busy sporty child. What sort of food should he be eating?’

Prof Tim Noakes: I think that if they are continually hungry, it is because they are getting too little protein and fat in their diet. I would suspect that’s a high carbohydrate diet.

We find that with most of the children we deal with, if we can get them to eat a high fat-high protein breakfast so that they really eat a lot, they generally don’t get hungry until 2 or 3 o clock in the afternoon.

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