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The Banting Diet: Making sure your child’s health comes first

On the LCHF diet or Banting diet does the amount of carbohydrate you recommend for adults on the Banting diet be the same as for children.

Basically what this person is saying is, she gives her child Weetabix for breakfast with full cream milk.  They’re working the sugar out of the child’s diet progressively.  They then pack a Banting friendly lunch for school, which includes a bit of fruit, and then obviously a Banting friendly dinner.  This parent wants to know if she is on the right track here?

Professor Tim Noakes:  Yes, absolutely.  It sounds like she’s cut the carbs to about 250g.  It looks to me, there’s still slightly more than I would like, because you’ve got to watch out for the fruit.  When you are eating fruit you rack up carbohydrates very quickly. Each portion size is probably between 25 to 50g.

So I think she’s doing a great job.  The key is that you don’t want to get the carbohydrate addiction or the sugar addiction.  If she’s cutting the sugar she’s fine.

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