How fast should you run 10km to get a sub 11 Comrades Marathon finish?

Yesterday on Ask Coach Parry we focused on your times in a 10km, 21km and 42km in order to get the Comrades Marathon Vic Clapham medal, the sub 12 hour finishers’ medal. And as promised today we are going to chat about a sub 11 Comrades Marathon medal. Lindsey you obviously mentioned yesterday, it is not an exact sign, but it will give people a rough guide on what they should be aiming for over the shorter distances. What should your 10km, half marathon and marathon time be if you are aiming for a sub 11 at the Comrades Marathon?

In what time should I be running 10km?

LINDSEY PARRY:  Yes, so if you are going for that Comrades Marathon bronze medal, you want to be just sneaking under 60 minutes for 10 kilometres, so 58, 60 maybe 62 minutes.

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Fat adapted: Do you need carbohydrates if running on the LCHf diet?

Charles submitted his question for the Ask Prof Noakes podcast today and it has to do with explaining the Banting diet to athletes who are not following it.

Charles said he’s been asked this question by people who are against the Banting diet, and he doesn’t quite know how to answer them.

If a non-fat adapted athlete, who fuels on carbohydrate, runs out of carbs, will their body then switch to fat for fuel, or what will the body use?  Likewise, for a fat adapted person, if a fat adapted person adds carbs before a race, does their body use the carbs first and then the fat stores for fuel later?  And finally once those carbs are burnt out, will it burn fat first?

Professor Tim Noakes:  Those are great questions and what we do know is that once you become fat adapted you metabolise carbohydrate totally differently.

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Comrades Marathon Vic Clapham finishers medal – How fast must you run?

On Ask Coach Parry today we are starting a series of 5 episodes that deal with your times for various distances and how they relate to which finishers medal you’re aiming for at the Comrades Marathon. We will start with the medal that most people get at Comrades Marathon.

The Comrades Marathon Vic Clapham finisher’s medal. If you look at that Vic Clapham medal, realistically what should you be running a 10 kilometre, a half marathon and a marathon to be able to comfortably finish and get a Vic Clapham at the Comrades Marathon?

LINDSEY PARRY:  I am going to start the answer by saying that these numbers are not an exact sign so they are based on calculations and sort of predictive formula so there is a bit of leeway on either side because the one problem I do find in these things, is I throw numbers out to people and they go oh my word, I am never going to get there.

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Where do you draw the line when it comes to running with a head cold?

Welcome to another episode of Ask Coach Parry and it is Jacqueline Kellermans’ question we answer now. This is a question that has got to do with being sick. Jacqueline has got a race coming up and she says she has got a head cold and she is pulling out of the race.

She has read online that as long as the symptoms are not in the chest and you do not have a fever, you can still run. What is the thinking behind a head cold? When should you and could you run and when should you not?

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LINDSEY PARRY: Look, whenever you are sick, if it is avoidable to run, then do not run. So, when I mean is it avoidable, is this your last chance to qualify for a race or is this the race that you have been training for the whole year?

Does the Banting diet affect children’s development and concentration?

We’ve mentioned the book The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet by Nina Teicholz  (Buy it on Amazon here or Kalahari here) before on the Ask Prof Noakes Podcast.

Essentially what Nina Teicholz does is look at all the scientific studies around the LCHF diet and debunks many of the myths surrounding the Banting diet.

Today’s question is linked to the subject of scientific studies. Jodie submitted her question and she wanted to know if there have been any studies done around the long term development effects on children eating a Banting diet as well as on their concentration capacity.

Professor Noakes:  Unfortunately not.  We do have some data on children who are epileptic and were put on the diet.  The diet was developed for children who are epileptic and it almost cures the epilepsy.  So they can reduce their medication dramatically

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Does the thought of the Comrades Marathon up runs’ hills scare you?

In today’s Comrades Marathon related question on Ask Coach Parry, we answer a question from Nazreen. She says, “Thanks for all the valuable advice. 2015 will be my second comrades and it scares me because it has so many climbs. How can I improve my hill running (endurance) gradually, to prepare for all those climbs?”

LINDSEY PARRY:  I am going to tell you exactly how to do it, but also to take the thinking out of it. You can just download one of the programmes from the Comrades website, and most of the programmes do have some sort of hill training build-up in them.

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Do you struggle to understand Comrades Marathon training programme lingo?

In this episode of Ask Coach Parry we answer a question sent in by  Nicholas Nyangal. He is asking about some of the terminology and references you use when talking about Comrades Marathon Training. Nicholas was asking for you to explain what you mean by walk 5 minutes easy, jog 20 minutes, walk 1 minute times 2, walk 5 minutes. What do you mean by walk 1 minute times 2? So, you know what I am talking about? If you can explain those sort of things in your training programmes?

Understanding the Comrades Marathon training programmes.

LINDSEY PARRY:  Yes, so essentially, the first 5 minute walk is just to get the heart rate going slightly warmer and there will be a comma after that, and then you will get into the actual programme.

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The Banting Diet: Making sure your child’s health comes first

On the LCHF diet or Banting diet does the amount of carbohydrate you recommend for adults on the Banting diet be the same as for children.

Basically what this person is saying is, she gives her child Weetabix for breakfast with full cream milk.  They’re working the sugar out of the child’s diet progressively.  They then pack a Banting friendly lunch for school, which includes a bit of fruit, and then obviously a Banting friendly dinner.  This parent wants to know if she is on the right track here?

Professor Tim Noakes:  Yes, absolutely.  It sounds like she’s cut the carbs to about 250g.  It looks to me, there’s still slightly more than I would like, because you’ve got to watch out for the fruit.  When you are eating fruit you rack up carbohydrates very quickly. Each portion size is probably between 25 to 50g.

So I think she’s doing a great job.  The key is that you don’t want to get the carbohydrate addiction or the sugar addiction.  If she’s cutting the sugar she’s fine.

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Where does a beginner start their Comrades Marathon Training?

In this episode of Ask Coach Parry, we have a Comrades Marathon training question Kate Theron. She said “Hi coach. I would like to start training for Comrades 2016. I saw on the website that you have a programme posted for finishers that you can recommend beginners modify a bit.” Could you maybe tell her how she could modify that programme so that she can start from the beginning? Thanks so much, Kate.

Can I go from couch to Comrades Marathon?

LINDSEY PARRY:  Okay, what is even better is that on the run-talk SA websites, we have actually got a programme that is a 21 kilometers for beginners, so it is basically from 0 to 21 kilometers.

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